ESCI Energized Live-Line Training Services

ESCI can provide the state-of-the-art live-line training you're looking for.
ESCI has developed the industry-leading Energized, Live-Line Training, and Work Methods Program. We realized the industry did not have a complete program allowing a company to develop a safe and productive platform to perform energized, live-line work methods. No other product offers a written live-line training and work methods manual based on industry practices and required standards with specific live-line work procedures, training, and observed proficiency — all provided by the industry's top live-line professionals, as offered by this program.

ESCI is the leader in energized, transmission live-line training from 69kV to 765 kV, including hot stick, live-line bare-hand, and helicopter work methods. ESCI provides a full range of services for the utility industry. Our team of richly experienced journeymen, engineers, codes experts, managers, instructors, consultants, and trainers are recognized across the country as the leaders in the utility industry.

Our staff provides consulting services to utilities, contractors, manufacturers, and Federal and State OSHA programs, as well as serving on many industry committees related to live-line. ESCI's staff collectively totals more than 475 years of utility knowledge and expertise gained from utilities across the nation. This is key to providing the platform for the successful development and perpetuation of a live-working program tailored to your present and future needs.

This program includes a complete package to prepare your organization to support specific, energized, live-line work in full conformance with 29 CFR OSHA 1910.269, 29 CFR OSHA 1926 Subpart V, the 2017 NESC, IEEE, and ASTM Standards, and current industry best practices. After engaging in our program — of live-line training, development of specific energized live-line work methods, and training of management, engineering, safety, and qualified workers — your company will be fully capable of performing all energized, live-line procedures included in this program.

The ESCI Energized Live-Line Training and Work Methods Program includes five (5) parts and what we call the "Live-Line Book of Knowledge." Each part is an integral foundation for the next step of the program. Depending on the number and types of energized live-line work methods your organization wishes to perform, this program can expand to accommodate all your needs. The process begins with established standard materials as a foundation and becomes more tailored to your needs.

T&D Training
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ESCI's complete Energized Live-Line Training and Work Methods Program

  • As distributed energy, wind, solar, battery, and other electric energy sources become available to the customer, the electric utility industry is transitioning from major generation and transmission construction projects to enhancing and improving their existing
    T&D electrical systems.

  • In addition to a complete program, ESCI offers Train the Trainer and Qualified Electrical Worker Refresher Training.

  • ESCI has developed a 5-Stage Live-Line Program that is not offered by any other organization in our industry.
    This Program includes:


Stage 1: ESCI Live-Line Reference Manual on Regulations and Standards
The safety of qualified workers and the public is the primary emphasis of the "ESCI Live-Line Reference Manual on Regulations and Standards" (ESCI LLRM). It is written for the industry's engineering, operations, safety, fleet staff, and qualified workers at all levels of experience. The ESCI LLRM contains a wealth of research, knowledge, white papers, interpretations, industry-accepted practices, and risks associated with the selection of specific live-line work practices. The function of the ESCI LLRM is to provide insight and background into theory, past practices, and associated hazards related to all aspects of developing, preparing, and executing live-line work. It is intended to serve as the foundation for safe and productive live-line work.

Stage 2: Technical Training for Your Company's Management, Engineering, and Safety Personnel
Stage 2 provides training for management, engineering, and safety groups on the application of 29 CFR Part 1910.269, 29 CFR Part 1926 Subpart V, CC&M, the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) Part 4, and the history, application, and evolution of live-line work methods following the ESCI LLRM.

This training is provided by Mr. David Wallis and Mr. George Gela, Ph.D., E.Eng., for management, engineering, and safety groups on current industry standards of live-line work.

Stage 3: Live-Line Committee
Management has the ultimate responsibility for maintaining a live-line program, including qualified worker training and proficiency, work methods, safety rules, engineering, tools, mechanical equipment, and personnel protective equipment (PPE). This will be accomplished by establishing an Electric Live-Line Committee.

ESCI assists your company in the development of an internal Live-Line Committee, which will:

  • 1. Establish the training

  • 2. Develop the certification

  • 3. Certify the supervision

  • 4. Develop live-line policies

  • 5. Specify tools and equipment

  • 6. Develop your company's electric-qualified workers' training manual

Stage 4: The Development of Written Work Procedures
Stage 5: Classroom Training and Field Observation