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Curriculum Vitae

Tom Verdecchio
ESCI Live Line Special Projects Manager

43 Years of Transmission Experience

Considered to be integral team member for the development and leadership of the PSE&G N.J. live-line group for fifteen years. I was the lead team member responsible for the development of PSE&G live-line maintenance techniques that are credited for significantly reducing cost. This effort ranked PSE&G best among similar utility company peers in a 1997 EPRI benchmarking study. Some examples include:

  • The knowledge and ability to plan and safely work various types of energized work from 138 kV to 500 kV.
  • Holds a US Patent for the development and use of Personnel Protective Air Gaps (PPAG) for energized work.
  • Developed the installation load cells on energized 230 kV circuits.
  • Developed energized work procedures on 90 year old 138 kV circuits.
  • Making PSE&G a leader in the industry by being the first utility helicopter owner-operator for live-line work maintenance and repair.
  • As the Director of Flight Operations PSE&G develop training for pilots and linemen for live helicopter work.
  • Develop the rotorcraft manual for the 14 CFR Part 133 external operations.
  • Developed and credited with the patent for Personnel Protective Gaps for voltages 115 kV to 345 kV.


Safety is paramount to me and as a result, the safety of my crews is most important and reflected in their exemplary safety record and achievements. I am chairman and leader of the Company/Union Safety Committee since 1989. This safety committee requires that all personnel take an active role in developing the safety program for Transmission work. As a result the Transmission department's safety performance is the best in the company, and has also improved office/field communications. Also responsible as chairman of the Corporate Safety Council, Transmission Safety Council, PSE&G Grounding Committee, PSE&G's Arc Hazard Committee, PSE&G's Policy and Procedure Committee and I was the safety lead for all live-line work at PSE&G.

Leadership/Team Building

As a leader and member of many teams within PSE&G I set high personal and team expectations and I was tactfully aggressive in pursuing results. I communicate freely and often with co-workers and leaders in the department and company. I am visible and accessible to co-workers. Regularly coaching co-workers and I offer counsel to company leadership as to institute the change needed to be successful in our increasingly competitive business environment. I use myself as an example by expecting and producing a high level of performance of co-workers and myself. Leadership positions included active roles in the following:

  • Director of Flight Operations PSE&G
  • Corporate Safety Council
  • Transmission Safety Council
  • PSE&G Grounding Committee
  • PSE&G Arc Hazard Committee
  • PSE&G Policy, Procedure Committee
  • Safety Teams, Accident Investigation Teams
  • Business Focus Teams

Negotiating Skills

I was a member of the Union negotiating team for the past four contracts. Through the Mutual Gains Bargaining process I personally restructured the transmission group to bring in key personnel to enhance the effectiveness of the department, while reducing cost. Some my achievements include placing and creating key leadership positions in the Right-of-Way Group, Live-line Group, Safety Positions, hiring a Live-Line experienced Helicopter Pilot.

Industry Organizations: Member of the IEEE for fifteen years. As a result of this I authored five papers on live work and am now working to combining all the papers into a Live-line Working Guide for the industry. I am a voting member of the IEEE-ESMOL (Engineering Safety Maintenance and Operation of Lines) that has twelve subcommittees that address live work.

  • IEEE 516 "Live Line Work Methods Guide" Committee
  • IEEE 1507 "Fall Protection Guide" Committee
  • IEEE 1048 "Grounding Guide" Committee
  • IEEE 1070 "Restoration Structures" Committee
  • Insulator Cleaning Paper Task Force
  • IEC TC-78 Committee

I also represent the IEEE on the NESC Subcommittee 8 (work rules). I work through two code cycles NESC-2007 & NESC-2012, and now am working on the NESC-2017 code.

As a member of the EPRI Live Line Advisory Board I am working on a training program for live work.

I am a member of the U.S. National Committee of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), a committee of the American National Standards Institute, this is a international safety rule and standard making origination.

Governmental Compliance: Have worked with EEI, IBEW, OSHA and the FAA in rule making for Helicopter Live-line Work external operations FAR part 133 Class A, B, C, and D.

Recognition: Received numerous Letters of Commendation from PSE&G management including letters from the Vice President Transmission.

Awards include:

  • 1997 PSE&G's Individual Excellences Award
  • 2000, 2001 and 2003 Individual Safety Achievers Award
  • 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006 Safety Team Achievers Awards
  • 2012 PSE&G's Lifetime Award for Excellence and PSE&G's Individual Excellences Award

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