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Expert Witness Services Rates

To retain the services of ESCI the following must be received in ESCI's office before work can begin:

1. A confirmation letter agreeing to retain ESCI and confirming the parties ESCI will represent.
2. A cash retainer as specified below.

Fee Schedule, Expert Witness
Expert witness services including document review, report development, case analysis and research Hourly Rate: $350.
Deposition and/or court room testimony Hourly Rate: $500.
3-hour minimum: $1,500.
(Includes time waiting to present)
TravelHourly Rate: $150.
Direct expenses supporting above events (detailed below) At Cost


Direct Costs:

All travel related expenses (travel will be conducted at standard business class level) telephone, contract computer/graphics support, office supply or other expenses (as required).

Printing and reproduction of drawings (at cost).

Photographic processing (at cost).

Client will be charged for purchase of national standards, international standards, or necessary regulations needed for reference or research if not currently in ESCI library.


Client may retain services by providing a cash retainer:

Cash Retainer:

A preliminary $5,000.00 at the start of consultation or litigation activity is required. With an annual retainer of $5,000.00, the client may reserve time for performance on requested work during the following twelve (12) month period.

Any cash remaining after the completion of the work will be returned to the client within 30 days.


Fees and expenses will be billed to the client on the first day of each month, for the previous month's services. All invoices are "Due Upon Receipt." Invoice payment not received within 37 days of date of invoice will be assessed 18% per annum until paid.

Payments not received 45 days after date of invoice will cause all work to cease (no reports will be issued) until all late payments, and interest, are paid and billing is again current.

When an opposing attorney is to pay for a deposition provided by ESCI, payment for the necessary travel expenses, the 3-hour minimum deposition fee and other direct costs are to be received prior to beginning the deposition process.

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