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Attendee Testimonials from
Supervisory Leadership Safety Skills Training
taught by Hector Silva

June 3-4, 2008 in Henderson, NV

"Hector does a great job at what he does and explains it so you can understand it and get to the point. Very Good Class!"

"Hector has a good background and had excellent examples. He is very passionate about his work, and this comes through in the presentation."

"Thank you Hector! You gave me a lot of great information that will only be valuable if I take the time to use the information."

"I would recommend this course to other employees in leadership positions. Some things did not apply to my specific position, but my situation is unique. The course is very informative."

"On June 3 & 4, Rod Powell, Steve Jacobson, Brent Abraham and I attended 12 hours of Supervisor Safety instruction presented by ESCI trainer Hector Silva. There were supervisors and foremen from 3 other utilities in attendance. The class was designed to help individuals with the responsibility of leadership. Course topics included Direct and Indirect Costs of Accidents, Leadership Safety Responsibilities, Understanding Safety Culture Levels, Investigating Accidents, Engineering Controls, Impact of Work Task Behaviors, Critical Factors Known to Influence Attitudes and Behaviors, Building an Effective and Safe Leader, Introduction to OSHA, Work Task Analysis, Communication and Effective Leadership Skills. Through lecture, small group role playing and discussion, we learned about our roles in helping to establish and support an ongoing culture of safety. My overall feedback on the training is that it was excellent! The topics were relevant, and Hector's preparation and delivery were right on the mark. I highly recomend this course for anyone in a leadership role and hope that we can have more of our employees take part the next time it is offered. Thank you, Miles Willard.

"It was great as always, you have a great -- great crew!!!" (Darlene Albi)

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