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Energized Live-Line Training Services

ESCI can provide the state of the art live-line training you're looking for— ESCI's Energized Live-Line Training Services Group is the industry leader in energized live-line:

  • 230 kV to 765 kV Bare-hand training and work methods development
  • 55 kV to 765 kV Live-line helicopter training and work methods development
  • 4 kV to 765 kV Hot stick training and work methods development
  • 50 V to 35 kV Rubber glove training and work methods development

ESCI has the professional staff and expertise to provide all your energized live-line training needs, at your facility or on the jobsite including:

  • 500 KV initial bare-hand training, or
  • 230 kV bare-hand refresher training, or
  • Energized live-line helicopter work methods training, or
  • 115 kV Hot Stick hands-on training, or
  • 15 kV rubber glove or re-certification.

ESCI's professional live-line instructors and trainers offer the leading edge work methods development and training knowledge available anywhere. Our professional staff comes from some of the largest and most respected electric utilities and organizations in the industry.

Call us today and find out how ESCI can provide the energized live-line training and work methods development your company is seeking.

Contact either:
Brian Erga, President ESCI at 360-676-8088, brian@esci.net or
Mike Rice, Director of Energized Live-line Training at 775-335-9450, mike@esci.net.

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