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Electrical Safety Consultants Inc

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Who is ESCI Inc?

ESCI is the industry leader in safety, training, and consulting services. ESCI's nationally-recognized staff of 22 professionals collectively offer nearly 750 years of electric utility operations, maintenance and construction experience. We deliver exceptional in-depth knowledge and expertise needed so our customers maintain high-quality, OSHA-compliant, safety programs. ESCI also offers leading edge electric utility energized live-line training, work methods development and written policies and procedures.

What's New!

ESCI is excited to introduce two new safety and training professionals to our staff, they are:

Mr. Mike Runzo — joins ESCI as a Safety and Training Manager responsible for ESCI’s customers in Arizona. Mike has more than 44 years in civil and electric construction. He recently retired from Salt River Project (SRP) after 34 years holding the positions of apprentice lineman, lineman, senior engineering technician, construction specialist, section supervisor transmission line construction, safety specialist and substation construction supervisor. Mr. Runzo holds certifications in:

  • Electrical lineman apprenticeship program in accordance with the standards of the Department of Economic Security and the apprenticeship advisory council
  • Construction & Maintenance Man apprenticeship program in accordance with the standards of the Department of Economic Security and the apprenticeship advisory council
  • Certified Utility Safety Professional
  • Arizona State University's Del E. Webb School of Construction Management certificate program
  • University of California, San Diego Extension Occupational Safety and Health Professional Certificate 350 hours of study
  • Authorized OSHA 10 and 30 Construction and General Industry instructor
  • Management & Supervision 1 at Mesa Community College
  • Rocky Mountain Electrical League: Substation Design 101

Mike spent the 8 years at SRP as a Safety Specialist and Section Supervisor, responsible for all parts of the safety management team. He was a section supervisor responsible for estimating, budgeting and scheduling performance of all phases of T & D line and substation. Mike joins ESCI to support our Arizona customers and all other customers.

Mr. Bruce Hughes — has more than 30 years in the electric utility business. He recently retired from Overton Power District #5 after 28 years holding the positions of apprentice, lineman, line foreman and manager of transmission and distribution operations.

Mr. Hughes holds certifications in:

  • Electrical lineman apprenticeship program from the Merchant Lineman School
  • Safety Leadership Certificate from the NRECA
  • Certified Supervisor of Overton's Drug and Alcohol Program
  • IPSA Hot Line School Instructor in enclosed space entry
  • Eagle Scout

Bruce spent more than six years as Overton Power’s Manager of T & D Operations, where he was also the Director of the Safety Committee. During his time as the Manager and under his leadership, Overton Power went over 890,000 employee hours without a lost time accident. Bruce also was a Line Foreman and Safety Manager for Overton Power for 10 years.

Mr. Hughes also held the position as the Company’s Avian Protection Manger, reporting to the Nevada Department of Fish and Wildlife.


We've updated our Safety Fireman page with:
  "Do I need an arc rated glove to perform work under 29 CFR OSHA 1910.269(l)(8)?"
  "OSHA's new temporary enforcement policy for crane operators."

David Wallis, ESCI Director of Standards and Work Rules, and Tom Verdecchio, ESCI Director of Energized Live-Line Training Services, participated in the IEEE/ESMOL Winter Meeting in Jacksonville, FL the week of January 6th, 2020. Tom has a number of ESMOL guides and papers in the works including a major revision to IEEE 1067 "IEEE Guide for In-Service Use, Care, Maintenance of Conductive Clothing for Use on Voltages up to 765 kV ac and 750 kV dc". The revisions of IEEE 1067, and a new ASTM Standard of conductive clothing is getting a lot of interest across the industry. Tom is expanding the guide to include electric field induction protection and RF protection. Tom also is chairperson of the ESMOL Transmission MAD Paper, and Brian Erga is the chairperson of the ESMOL Distribution MAD Paper.

Brian Erga, ESCI President, — is leading a complete re-write of IEEE 1048 "Guide for Protective Grounding of Power Lines." Most likely the Guide will get a new number and new title such as "Guide for Work Methods on De-energized Transmission and Distribution Lines and Equipment." Mr. Erga is also revising the grounding section of IEEE 524 "Guide for the Installation of Overhead Transmission Line Conductors."

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